Ways to Achieve the Perfect First Sugar Daddy Date Look Without Overdoing It

First dates are always a little nerve wrecking. Dressing nice is an obvious must, but when you're on a date with a sugar daddy you need to step up your game. DId you meet a interesting man on a sugar daddy website? Maybe you just googled sugar daddy finders and found a match. The how doesn't matter, you need to be ready for that first date.

Its times to dress up, and put on your best a game. You are going to want to shower and shave. A must on all first dates, right? When I think sugar daddy I think older gentlemen with serious money. I think fancy cars and expensive suits. Pull out your most elegant solid colored, (I prefer black or red) dress. I say solid so that you can't go wrong with patterns or color patterns. You want your dress to fit every curve around your body exactly. Wear a push up bra! Show off the goods, but don't spill out. Dressing elegant and dressing like a hooker are two different things. FInding a balance IS possible ladies!! Also since I mentioned the bra already I'll just be blunt here's a hint; where matching lacy panties and bra. I think it really looks more mature, and it never hurts to be prepared if the moment arises. Wearing a nice pair of black boots adds a little spice to the outfit.

Make up, wearing making is not as complicated as one may think. For this type if date its important to really highlight your best features. Go with a smoky eye using grays and purple. Dark eyeliner to really enhance the color of your eyes. This will add mystery to your look, keeping you in the spotlight. Lightly blush your cheeks, giving them a slight red glow. Later one the date this will a sparkle when you're actually blushing. Lipstick, I can not stress enough to you DO NOT use bright red lipstick. On this kind of date you will look like a prostitute on the job. Rock a clear shine with a lip plumping serum. Thicker looking lips never fail. Add simple diamond studded earrings and jewelry to make you serious and less like you're trying.

Have your hair done that day. Get a few highlights or change the color to something more suddle. You want to cover up and crazy hair colors and get away any random grays. Where your hair simple but still perfect. Let it lay how it normal does and use a bigger curling iron to create a wavy effect. Don't forget to use some perfume on the way out the door and have a great time! You already know you look beautiful, smile and own it!


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