Sugar Babies Dating Online - Finding Love With Older Men

Sugar dating arrangements are like contracts, tit goes for tat. The sugar baby gets financial help while the sugar daddy gets sexual favours and the pleasure of her young company.

These relationships although beneficial to both party are transactional. There are emotions involved though as it is not easy to have a companion and sexual partner for a period of time and not develop any sort of attachment especially for young adventurous and impressionable sugar babies. This doesn’t mean that sugar daddies don’t fall for their sugar babies too but the first case is the interest of this article.

Arrangement dating is usually short term relationship. With each part probably in another relationship. For most sugar babies who fall in love with their sugar daddies the common factor is the amount of time spent with their sugar daddies. This shows that long term sugar arrangements at the most susceptible to this phenomenon.

Love can complicate things, the terms of a sugar agreement will no longer be enough. Sugar babies who fall in love are afraid to tell their sugar daddies because they fear he will end their arrangement.
This is most common if the sugar daddy has another relationship he doesn’t want to jeopardize. The stakes are higher for him if that other relationship is a marriage, it becomes higher when there are kids involved.

So if a sugar daddy finds out about his sugar baby has crossed this line and he ends the arrangement. She not only loses the financial and material perks of their relationship, she loses his companionship too. Which is what she cherishes now. Another reason she won’t tell her sugar daddy she has developed affections for his is because she thinks he won’t believe her. It’s reasonable enough since their relationship is not what most people will call normal.

Here are some things a sugar baby must know.

PREVENTION: Keep short term arrangement, yes you like this sugar daddy but don’t spend too much time in that sugar dadddy dating, especially when you realise you are beginning to develop attachments.

Have more than one sugar daddy, this prevents you from spending all your time one attention on the one sugar daddy. It also helps when you cut off one arrangement so you won’t have to worry about the financial repercussions.

MANAGE YOUR FEELINGS: you can choose to deny or acknowledge your feelings. Whichever one you choose the one is slightly better than the other. To acknowledge it is not the solution, it is a temporary band aid. You must decide your next step, but try to confirm if they are real so as not to risk your sugar daddies affection on a whim.

You can tell him: go big or go home. If you are sure about your feelings why don’t you tell him in case he feels the same. Whatever happens you got it off your chest.    

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