How to Say “No” to Your Sugar Daddy

Not every sugar baby has learnt the art of saying no convincingly and assertively. However, any good sugar baby can learn to develop assertiveness. Besides sugar daddy dating, being assertive can be useful in other areas of your life. To be able to stand up for yourself is an essential skill that any sugar baby should adopt.

Most sugar babies want to turn out as pleasers at first to be agreeable. While there is nothing wrong with that, it's critical to stand up for yourself and be careful not to be just a doormat. Your no should mean no, and you shouldn't say no when you mean yes because your no might be taken to mean no.

Explaining No to a sugar daddy
Learning how to say no to a sugar daddy might be tricky but also very important to cultivate. You can say no without being rude, and it gets more comfortable with time. Saying no can be a confusing word which doesn't require any explanation. But if you are scared of offending your reasonable sugar daddy, it would be okay to say no to them and give them a reason why you said no. If the purpose of saying no is because requests or demands of your sugar daddy breaks one of your principles, you can explain it to them, but it won't be a complicated answer for them to digest.

Always mean no when you say no
It's quite easy to say no firmly than saying a yes when you genuinely mean no or maybe. If you doubt it, you can stand firm without wavering from your stand. You must not say yes to anyone you meet even if they are wealthy. If Sugar daddies respect your decision of saying no for simple things, it means they won't recognize them on important matters. You should mutually agree with each other and respect each other's decision.

Saying No doesn't have to be negative
It never sounds pleasant to anyone whenever they are told no. Especially if it is negatively. However, you can still say no to your sugar daddy in a polite manner but always stay firm. You should not say maybe if you are never going to say yes soon. There are times when you are happy as always, but you don't have to change who you are. Your sugar baby should understand and respect your personality.


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